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This series of three novels follows characters whose trajectories cross, beginning with Willy Willy, released in 2017, Lars/Lasse in Loosh (2018) and a third, Taavi, in 2019.

Willy Willy follows geologist Willy after heat stroke in West Australia to recovery and short-lived romance in Sweden; Willy succumbs to an apparently random bolt of violence prefigured by his encounter with P Mack immediately before he suffers the stroke.

Loosh is a sarcastic name given by Willy to Lars, who works with him in Australia, where they have trouble with his name. Lars loses his parents early, and a cousin, with whom he is raised practically as twins, at only five. He is seduced by an aunt at twelve, and becomes a triste Casanova. The short period he works with Willy in Australia leads Willy to go to Sweden after he gets neural damage from heat stroke. Willy’s death triggers Lars/Loosh’s emigration to the oil fields of the US, where his fate entwines with that of a transgender Indian boy.

The third book is about Taavi, born 1883, who was part Lapp and was from Finland/Kola, and became an historian of oppressed native peoples, including Lapplanders and Australian aboriginals. The book  is set as a research narrative by another historian attempting to piece together her biography across 80 years  of wars, works and loves. Taavi meets Willy and Lasse only briefly but has profound impacts on each.




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